A Special Gift


     Have you ever wondered if you felt the presence of a loved one after death? If you have, you're among the many people who are searching for a sign, any sign to let them know that their newly departed loved one is at peace and that they will see each other again. What are most people searching for after the death of someone close? A sign to let you know you are still connected and you will see your loved one again. Love is too strong an emotion and bond to end with the death of the physical body. Our loved ones do come to comfort us and let us know they made it home safely. Many times we do not recognize the signs. As a result, many people discount the signs they receive as their imagination or an odd coincidence. Many are afraid to mention the occurence or sign to anyone for fear of being ridiculed by family or friends.

    They may send us a message in one of the following ways. They may come to us in dreams, we may smell their cologne, see lights dim or blink, hear the alarm or chimes ring, or the smoke detector goes off and there is no fire. 

    Our departed loved ones communicate with us in so many different ways, and you don't need to be a psychic to receive them. Unfortunately, our natural intuitive ability to recognize and communicate with the spirits of departed loved ones has been undermined or weakened by cultural and religious taboos.  Native Americans, shamans and indigenous societies recognize spirit communication as natural, safe and as easy as breathing. They always honor their ancestors in spirit. For them, there is nothing to debaate, since it is a natural part of life.