September 2, 2014, Believe In Forever- How to Recognize the Signs When Your Loved Ones Are Near! by Mary Catherine Volk

Cardinal Points welcomes Mary Catherine Volk, spiritual medium, intuitive soul coach and author. Mary begins our show by sharing how a near death experience at the age of 6 years old changed her life and allowed her access to experiencing other realms. “This gave me this knowing that there is something and there is another world beyond this physical world we exist in.” Mary has the ability to sense loved ones who have died. She then shares that we sometimes will receive signs from our loved ones. “They’re there, they’re watching over us and they can bring us great comfort when we’re able to connect with them.”

​ Our call in guest Jude Monteserrato then shares her experiences with signs she received from her first husband John who died on September 11, 2001 and how she would occasionally ask for signs from him. According to Mary there are several basic ways to recognize the signs when your loved one is near.
1) They may come in dreams,
2) various scents that were unique to your loved one,
3) the dimming or blinking of lights,
4) your smoke detector going off usually around 3 AM when there is no fire,
5) hearing his/her favorite song consistently in various locations,
6) the repetition of a number that was special to them,
7) a gust of wind or chill in the air for no apparent reason when you were just thinking or talking about them,
8) Orbs appearing in family photographs. “Orbs are white opaque circles that show up in photographs in strategic locations.”  Notice the white orb over the bride's shoulder in this parents photograph. strategically where the father of the bride would have been standing. “The veil between the worlds is thinning and the signs are getting stronger.” Mary believes that we are currently moving into a time when our natural intuitive senses are awakening. “We’re waking up.” and our loved ones are sending us the gift of their presence on our special occasions. I wish to share the wonderful gifts my family has been receiving with everyone.

​​ ​Mary Catherine Volk is a professional medium, intuitive life coach and author. She serves as an ambassador between the worlds. Trained as a shaman and medium, she relays messages of healing and love from those in spirit to their loved ones here on earth. Mary has bridged the gap between the world of the living and the spirit world her whole life. Since a NDE (Near Death Experience) at age six where she lost consciousness and slipped into a coma, she suddenly felt very safe and at home, surrounded by the spirits of departed loved ones who loved her and who she knew. Mary was given the gift of knowing that life exists beyond this physical form. Since then she has been able to feel, hear and receive messages from her loved ones in spirit. Her personal loss of many family members at a young age led her on a spiritual journey to better understand the messages and signs she was receiving.She has studied with international known shamans, healers and spiritual mediums and has a private practice, conducts workshops and speaking engagements. Mary has a unique style and her medium ship sessions are consistently filed with healing, comfort and proof of spirit communication. She is currently writing a book sharing her personal recollections, client and professional interviews and digital photography. This book reveals without a doubt to Believe in Forever and teaches the readers to trust in their hearts what they feel; to send love to departed loved ones; and to receive their love in return. Mary’s goal is to bring the intuitive into the practical. Her new book, BELIEVE IN FOREVER ~ How to Recognize the Signs When Your Loved Ones Are Near! Will be available in October 2014.